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Through  the making of art and art projects I’m researching how its expression can be combined with architecture, urban planning, design and its impact on our lives. This interest is generated by having worked as an architect, urban designer and project manager in the construction sector.

As well as working in this field I have maintained my practice as an artist and have worked on a number of  projects with a community focus. I use mixed media and I have always had  a strong interest in bringing  art outside of the gallery and into the domains of the public architecture and community.


I’m also dedicated to provide  proposals for opportunities and collaborations between the art and construction sectors through the development of ideas, curation and delivery of projects and networking management.


Since high school I’ve always been fascinated by art criticism and I not only enjoy writing some art/exhibition reviews but this also constitutes part of the development of my art projects.


Anna Netri studied MArch- MSc in Building Engineering- Architecture  at ‘La Sapienza University’ in Rome (Italy). She has always had a strong sensitivity to the art and the landscape that is reflected in her good aptitude in drawing freehand, which has always accompanied her, in her practice as an architect and as an artist. During her last years at University she developed a vivid  interest in bringing art into architectural and landscaping design. After her first time living in the UK she produced her first art project ‘The Patchquilt and Boundaries’ in 2012, which was exhibited at the Nottingham Contemporary and at the Central Library for the Refugee week 2012. In 2014 she worked on the creation and development of an engagement project with the volunteer  community of Spike Island Artspace Ltd Bristol. This evolved into further projects and an exhibition which she further developed and curated. She took also part to some group shows in Italy and in the UK.

Exhibitions & Creative Projects 

"ANManifesto"project  awarded by The Guild's 150th Anniversary Companion Grants – Guild of St. George (06/2020 - current).


"Pola Jac", creation of a work and development of an engagement project with the creative community and beyond (05/2019 - current).


Art reviews, involved in writing about art.


The Patchquilt and Boundaries” part of a group exhibition at Theatre Deli Sheffield for the Migration Matters festival (06/2015).


MicroCiop” a site specific work created during “Open Testaccio-Agora Contemporanea” art festival at Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio and Ketumbar Rome (Italy 03/2015).


Loving Art” , at On Art Gallery, Rome -Solo exhibition & Curation (Italy 11/2014).


Exchange-Spike-Volunteers” part of a group exhibition at Spike Island’s Test space Bristol (10/2014).


Spike Island Project, creation and development of an engagement project with the volunteer  community of Spike Island Artspace Ltd Bristol (07/2014).


Identità” part of a group exhibition at Iperuranium galleria d’arte, via dei Banchi Nuovi, 58 Rome (Italy 08/2013-09/2013).


Refugee Engagement Project, at the Nottingham Contemporary Museum and Nottingham Central Library as part of Refugee week. A project which involved working with the refugee community in Nottingham to develop an exhibition of work reflecting their experiences through the use of patchwork. (06/2012).                                                                                                         


Various Designed Projects including “Tra le Briccole di Venezia: il Tavolo” 2012 – (designing furniture from recycled Briccole mooring posts in Venice’s Lagoon) and “Sustainable Market Square” designing a new market square in Casablanca.             


MArch- MSc in Building Engineering- Architecture  at ‘La Sapienza University’ in Rome (Italy), 03/2011   


06/2022 - current - Transforming And Activating Places (TAP) University of Sheffield fund- placemaking project with an architecture student.

05/2022 - current - "310 Companions ideas - To stop the Storm-Cloud" - climate-art booklet.

2021-2022 - Guild of St. George - Liaison and creative role on behalf of the Guild of St. George with the South Yorkshire Climate Alliance.

09/2021 - Artist at the Green week event SCA_Fargate.

08/2021 - Artist at the Can Do launch event SCA/Live works. 

07/2021 - Artist at the Follow the Flowers event_Heeley Trust. 

2019 - Art review, of exhibition ‘From Brooklyn Works to Brooklynism?’– ‘’.

10/2019 - Artist at the Big Draw Event, Making Masterpieces in Sheffield & Venice.

03/2019 -2020 - Volunteer at Site Gallery Sheffield (UK).

05/2019 - Artist at Museums Sheffield (UK) - Assisting in the delivery of a cyanotype workshop.

04/2019 - Artist at Museums Sheffield (UK) - Delivering learning activities for the public during the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition.

11/2018 - current - Volunteer at Museums Sheffield (UK), - Working with visitors and groups-Visitor Research Surveying/ Administrative Support-Marketing/ Working with collections-Proof Reading/ Assisting learning department – Family activities.                                                                                   

07/2014-11/2014 - Volunteer at Spike Island Artspace Ltd in Bristol (UK),  Led exhibition tours and supported organisation of events.       



07/2022-current - Public Art Officer

03/2015-current - Project Manager

2012-current - Architect and Urban Designer

06/2012-12/2012 - Trainee at Martha Schwartz Partners Ltd in London (UK).


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