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Supported by the GUILD of St George  Companion Grant 2020-2021

“ANManifesto” project awarded by the Guild of St. George Companions grant 2020/2021. This project comprises the making of portable, sustainable and multifunctional cork artboxes and investigating its associated activities which these inspire - from encouraging creative drawings and physical creative outputs, to activities within the community and their engagement with their surrounding spaces. The pieces, named ANMs, are nomadic art exhibits intended to be used and displayed widely. On their tops is a mixed media work or a layer of blackboard paint for people to sketch on. If the uptake of these ANMs is successful, they can become temporary but mighty pieces of public art in our surrounding spaces. Furthermore, by using these multi-purpose art-boxes people will have the opportunity to shape their own public and private spaces. These boxes can store art equipment, be carried like a bag or sat on and used as a portable chair in numerous environments and situations. ANmanifesto aims to engage a deeper level of participation and engagement, by allowing people the power to explore their own purposes and uses of art.

Workshops & events with communities:

In collaboration with Art Institutions and other Charities.

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